About Us
To know about us is to fulfill your goals.
Electrobytes is a pioneer and leader in front end POS terminal Solutions in India. It was the revolutionary approach adopted by Electrobytes that helped launch many path-breaking initiatives in the repair segment of POS terminals. In a span of 10 years, Electrobytes has consistently explored various ways to bring premium value to the customer, always setting benchmarks in quality of service and customer satisfaction.
Having started as a repair center for electronic equipments, Electrobytes has grown into an organization with more than 200 employees covering almost all cites in India. Electrobytes does it all with great effectiveness and reliability, and enjoys the trust of a corporate customer base. Electrobytes was also the first to run dedicated repair centers for almost all types of POS terminals in India.
Electrobytes business model is well aligned with the customers’ need, which is why the core businesses have grown to meet the evolving needs of the customer, and this has resulted in consolidation of services and in the development of core and critical infrastructure, thus propelling Electrobytes to the forefront in the segment. The Founder, Mr. Manoj V. Oommen, has been associated with the repairs and service Industry since its inception. He has rich and diverse experience of pioneering grass root businesses.
To make mission impossible, possible.
Being the top Service Provider in Repairs of  EDC (Electronics Data Capture) / POS (Point of Sale) terminals in India our current target is to establish field support across India in a specialized way to improve quality at a reasonable cost , assuring customer satisfaction at every stage.
Install and maintain EDC/POS Terminals with Call centers across the Country for accepting any type of credit cards, debit cards, smart cards, loyalty cards, etc.
Electrobytes has an R&D section which always does research for 100% repairs at minimum cost in POS terminals (any brands any make) when they launched in market, Then provides training to their technicians periodically.
Electrobytes is always open to-and thrilled to take over any challenging tasks and opportunities in modern technology.
  Our vision is to establish continuing excellence in services providing capabilities focused on the individual customer. In pursuit of sustainable leadership in quality services.

  To make mission impossible, possible